Blog Post

“Why would I want to work with Aspen Finn?”

Author: Jordan Wheeler

This blunt, but fair, question is one we’re often asked. The answer is one of the most crucial ingredients to our success, and ultimately, to our partnership with you.

And that’s where we start – with you. Our whole purpose is to help you solve problems. And the only way we can effectively do that is to ask good questions, and most importantly, listen.

We recognize that it’s only by listening, and leading with empathy, that we can really get to the root of your greatest needs. Listening often gets lost in the mix of what we learn as a child and then throw into our proverbial life skills toolbox, often forgotten about and sometimes collecting dust. It’s easy to do, almost human nature. But we know how important this tool is. We pride ourselves on listening from a place of interest, not just waiting for our turn to interject. When we embrace genuine listening, we find we’re usually able to uncover deeper insights more quickly and efficiently.

Listen first, prescribe second

One of our mantras is “listen first, prescribe second.” While that might sound obvious, it is rooted in our definition of custom research solutions. Your needs, your challenges, are unique. And we believe they deserve a lot of time to be fully fleshed out before we even begin discussing a proposed solution.

One thing we’re always listening for is the nature of your products and services, as well as your challenges and goals. This allows us to do what we call ‘strategist matchmaking.’ Our team includes incredibly talented and passionate researchers who each have specialties and areas of expertise. This lets you be matched with a strategist who not only understands your unique needs but is passionate about what you do and has the experience to create the perfect solution.

Method agnostic

You’ll also hear us talk about being method agnostic. Which is our way of saying we aren’t here to try and sell you a piece of software or a specific methodology. We have access to all of the leading digital and in-person tools and methods, and we utilize them all, depending on your needs. Again, we can only determine the best research design after fully listening to you.

Listen, learn

I’ve found one of the hardest things to genuinely listen to is critical feedback. And as true as that may be, it’s even truer that this feedback is one of the most important tools we have at our disposal. It’s why we proactively seek it, and then actually implement changes based upon what we hear, in order to grow and improve.

I get it – it’s ironic to write an entire post telling you that we are good listeners. It’s one of those things where the proof really is in the pudding. So, I’d love for you to test us on this. I’m confident you’ll feel heard and understood.