Client Stories

Understanding viewing habits, evolving preferences and the decision-making journey

From ideation to path to purchase, we have worked with a variety of brands in media and entertainment.  As the landscape rapidly changes, we’ve explored the modern definition of media, how consumers makes choices, and what it takes to cut through the clutter. Whether it’s in-depth qualitative explorations for streaming content providers, product concepts for a music service, or hybrid quant-qual ad testing for a premium cable network, each study is custom designed to help our client’s brands increase engagement with customers.

Addressing streaming fatigue

We partnered with a provider of on-demand streaming content to help them understand the path to content decisions among existing customers and prospects. This research helped inform new digital strategy and tools to leverage the unmet needs in the experience and purchase decision journey.

Understanding entertainment in the home during COVID-19

We worked with a media conglomerate to evaluate the entertainment dynamic in the home during the COVID-19 pandemic. By capturing in-the-moment video and conducting iterative online discussions, we were able to tap into the preferences and creative solutions of US families. This yielded invaluable insights to guide the client’s content creation and messaging.

Development of interactive media for digital shopping

We conducted research with a major social media company to explore the role interactive media plays in the shopping experience journey. Through journaling and real-time usability interviews with early adopters, we discovered exactly how this growing tool is utilized and provided insights to guide the development of technology and value propositions for this area.