Client Stories

Understanding communication needs and product development opportunities for child-focused CPG brands

When it comes to understanding the journey of families with infants and small children, tapping into human nature is more important than ever. Gathering insight from these customers over time and capturing their intentions and behaviors is something we love to do–and we do it well.

Understanding Infant Feeding Decisions 

We conducted a month long mobile ethnography among new moms, for the USDA, to help understand the influences that cause low income women to choose infant formula over breastfeeding and/or to stop far short of the recommended one year.  Results were used to develop a social media communications strategy.

Raising Baby Communications Effort

We partnered with a major publishing corporation—on behalf of their infant formula client—to identify topics of greatest interest to new moms.  The insights were used for creating monthly newsletters that delivered relevant, age-specific content about raising baby and the role infant formula can play in their child’s development.  

Whitespace Opportunities: Diaper Category

We conducted a mixed-method study, involving product trial followed by in-home interviews, for a private label franchise.  The objective was to understand moms’ needs and expectations for their children’s disposable diapers.  As a result of the research, the client’s product was re-engineered and product packaging was optimized to increase awareness and product trial among premium brand shoppers.