Client Stories

Understand, influence and support all stages of the financial journey

Our insights consulting in financial services spans a range of prominent brands, from brokerages to retail banks, technology to insurance. Through our work, we have explored nearly every facet of consumers’ financial lives and decision-making journeys, including topics such as consumer loans, customer satisfaction, corporate communications and identities, retirement planning, investment priorities and more.

Communications Research

Recently we helped a major bank answer questions about how best to communicate debit card fraud events to their customers.  We explored topics ranging from how debit card fraud made them  feel to the way(s) banks can communicate debit card breaches. The insights were used to inform the bank’s strategy and messaging moving forward.

Claims Refinement

A national credit card company was looking to refresh a set of claims for one of their tried-and-true credit cards.   Starting with a list of 30 claims, we explored consumer reaction to each and helped whittle down the list to prepare for quant testing. The qualitative nuance provided by the approach allowed the organization to optimize the strongest claims and ensured they were bringing the right claims to the survey.