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The X Factor of Gen Z

Author: Sarah Bradley & Julia Eisenberg

Generation Z. “Zoomers.”  Born between 1995 and 2011, they are the freshest batch of consumers companies are eager to know, understand and attract.  But how do you build loyalty with a generation defined by their lack of loyalty?  

Defining Gen Z starts with building an understanding of the social and economic upheaval they’ve experienced all their lives, their citizenship as digital natives, and their passion for advocacy.  As brands seek to understand and reach this generation, they must first understand the risks and rewards.   

A brand that ignores a cause risks Gen Z ignoring the brand. A brand that exploits a cause? Expect Gen Z’s swift derision. 68% of Zoomers do not trust corporations, and they influence 600 billion dollars of family spending decisions. 

Keenly aware and tuned into unethical practices and corrupt corporate values, Gen Z will vote with their dollar and their online influence. As “prosumers,” customers whose influence can shape a company beyond their personal buying power, Gen Z will bring more than 33 trillion dollars into the global economy in their life span, and these dollars will not be evenly distributed. 

Do you need to understand Generation Z? At Aspen Finn, we employ methods sourced from cognitive psychology—we believe in order to understand what people think, we must first understand how they think.  

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