Frankie Lipinski

As Aspen Finn’s Business Development Associate, Frankie Lipinski is passionate about understanding and supporting clients. Permeating every facet of a business with marketing research will provide tangible outcomes that, if acted on properly, can impact society and change the world. This is such a driving force for Frankie, motivating her to connect with new clients, listen to their stories, and see how Aspen Finn can support their business endeavors.

As a recent graduate of the #1 Master of Science in Marketing Research program at Michigan State University, Frankie has been exposed to the full scope of research, which ensures that she is method-agnostic and brings a fresh perspective to the research design process. Frankie studied Psychology and Marketing for her undergraduate degree, blending empathy and analytics together in practice. On a personal note, she prioritizes holistic wellness in her daily life with yoga and other pursuits.