Chris Efken

As a seasoned qualitative research strategist, moderator and insights sleuth, Chris is expert at conducting in-person, online and mobile qualitative studies that uncover the insights needed to drive smarter business decisions. 

Chris brings a unique perspective to projects in that she’s worked on the client, ad agency and provider side of the consumer insights business, and on both US only and multi-country global qualitative studies.  As a result, she’s as comfortable working on the fuzzy front end of product innovation as she is executing all of the various projects needed during the product lifecycle and workshopping the findings with client teams to craft applicable business building strategies.  

Her breadth of experience includes CPG, personal care, entertainment, retail, travel & leisure, automotive, durables, education, and financial services.   

Chris is an alum of Marquette University.  And, when she’s not talking with and observing consumers, she moonlights as an adjunct marketing instructor at Chicago’s Columbia College.