Client Stories

Supporting product development from initial ideation to concept refinement and marketing

Our automotive experience includes deep dives for trucks, SUVs, mini-vans, and small/mid-size vehicles; day-in-the-life profiles for various consumer segments; in-home, in-vehicle, and rest stop intercepts. We have worked on seating and interiors, storage, 3rd party websites, trends analysis, dealer training and product development, and numerous path-to-purchase studies. 

Automotive Path to Purchase 

The largest automotive marketing resource and car dealer social network wanted to understand and enhance the consumer experience at the dealership. Mobile intercepts, as well as in-home and webcam interviews, and dealership shop-alongs were conducted at different points on the path to purchase to truly understand the experience from a consumer’s perspective.  Results of the research helped to Identify pivotal dealership communication touch points, and ways to strengthen the dealership relationship with consumers at each key touch point.

Vehicle Segment Deep Dive

A leading truck manufacturer wanted to explore the world of the heavy-duty pick-up truck buyer to uncover the insights needed to develop innovative interior designs. We conducted a multi-phase study, asking participants to complete a photo diary in order understand the owner’s lifestyle and specific needs for a truck. Interviews were then conducted in the participant’s truck, where they evaluated current features, explained workaround solutions, discussed how features addressed (or failed to address) current needs, and explored gaps/white space opportunities. The findings from the research led to a qualitative psychographic segmentation of truck owners and provided the client with ideas for interior features to address a cross section of needs.