Client Stories

Product innovation, concept refinement and hard-to-reach audience engagements in technology

We regularly help clients understand technology professionals, from IT Decision Makers to Engineers, and casual users alike. Engaging these individuals and capturing their intentions and behaviors is something we love to do. Each engagement is tailored to address the brand’s unique business challenge.

A leading global vendor of computer software, hardware, mobile and gaming systems and cloud services:

IT Managers (lower level than ITDM) in Enterprise and small business, SQL Database Managers, triage specialists, software engineers, Microsoft Office license buyers/deciders. 

A global association and organization of professionals working toward the development, implementation and maintenance of technology-centered products and services:

Aerospace engineers, Communications/Network engineers, Semiconductor engineers, design engineers, research managers, hardware engineers, staff systems engineers, academic professors in computer engineering, software engineering

A multinational conglomerate that produces automotive parts such as batteries, and electronics and HVAC equipment for buildings:

Senior data center operations managers, network engineers, computer engineers, systems managers

A music streaming provider evaluating potential subscription bundles and other new product offerings:

Current subscribers and potential subscribers across key markets and demographics