Client Stories

Perception, product development and communications for home improvement brands

If it’s in the retail home improvement space, chances are we’ve conducted qualitative research about it. We have worked in cabinetry, valves, faucets, bathing systems, insulation, paint, and hardware. And once the improvements are made, we’ve even got expertise in home décor and landscaping. We have tapped insights from professionals, DIYers, and novices alike, each bringing unique perspective around brands, product needs, and marketing messages.

New Product Development

A manufacturer of bath safety products wanted to understand bathroom navigation and safety challenges. In-home ethnographies were conducted with the disabled, boomers, and seniors. For some, follow-up shop-along interviews were also conducted at home centers.   Findings were used to identify white space for new product development.

Brand Perception

A plumbing supply company that produces American-made premium valves wanted to understand how its valve was perceived among its customers and how its signature product compared to newer, less expensive imported valves. A comprehensive brand perception engagement was conducted, with including a series of in-person interviews with plumbers, wholesalers and builders. Findings were used to enhance marketing and positioning for the brand.

Concept Evaluation

A flooring company wanted to assess interest in possible line extensions of its storied brand. We conducted an online discussion with DIYers to understand how each product extension was perceived. Findings were used to determine which ideas merited further refinement.