Client Stories

Meeting hard-to-reach healthcare audiences in natural ways to understand decision making

We have provided insights consulting for a wide range of prominent healthcare organizations and have spoken with patients, caregivers, seniors, hospital clinical and non-clinical staff, physicians, hospital donors, and benefits managers along the way. Each study is custom designed to help our clients address their business challenges, including determining how to improve customer satisfaction, designing or refining health care plans, evaluating medical equipment and supplies, developing marketing communications, assessing screening practices, and evaluating sales practices.

We delivered qualitative context as follow up to  a quantitative segmentation study, bringing several physician segments to life. Results were used to drive sales messages which reflected the physicians as people, not just as medical professionals.

We interviewed psychiatrists, psychologists and medical directors to understand the decision process when selecting a substance abuse treatment program for their patients.  Results were used to identify specific strategies and tactics to meet the evolving needs of their target audience.   

We designed and managed a short-term community with ICU nurses in three countries to understand the caregiver experience within the ICU ecosystem, and identify whitespace opportunities for new product development. 

A healthcare brand wanted to understand how parents’ behaviors and attitudes around parenting were being impacted by COVID.  We conducted a 6-weekcommunity to explore issues related to health and wellness during the pandemic.  Findings were used to design compelling marketing and fuel innovative new ways for the brand to support their customers.