Client Stories

Exploring consumer products from the mundane to the exotic

Our CPG experience runs the gamut – guiding new product development, marketing strategies, packaging concepts and advertising in a variety of specialty areas, including personal and home care, food and beverages, toys and games, and pet care. We find that in product development, customers don’t know what they don’t know. We make sense of it all – which enables our clients to optimize positioning, messaging and advertising, and truly understand what makes today’s consumers tick.

Product Trial 

We helped a premium mandoline manufacturer understand how home chefs assemble and operate its product. Ten half-hour interviews were conducted with home cooks live and on-camera using the product, with the moderator interviewing the participant as clients viewed remotely. Findings yielded enhancements to the package design, product, and assembly instructions.

New Product Exploration

We helped a client understand the receptivity of a new organic pet food product. Our multi-day online exploration uncovered and probed for rich concept details allowing the brand to have a deeper understanding and enabling them to bring the most compelling messaging to market.  

Brand Perception

We helped a consumer-packaged-goods company understand the importance of grocery store packaging, shelf placement, and surrounding competition by capturing mobile, real-time video/photos of the in-store experience. Findings identified how shelf placement impacts the overall decision-making process.

Customer Journey

We collaborated with a global cosmetics company to develop a seamless omnichannel experience for customers of one of its leading specialty brands. This research explored the expectations shoppers have when engaging with the brand in-store or online and how to create a consistent experience for the shopper, whether they were interacting in-store with a makeup artist, exploring new products online or quickly re-ordering a go-to product via mobile device.