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Cut Through the Clutter with Memorable Insights

More than ever, I find I need to extract the necessary information from my research studies and get the findings out as succinctly as possible. Why? Because my clients have a lot more on their plates than ever before and are constantly pulled in many directions. Clients’ working landscape changed with remote and hybrid workplaces becoming the norm. Add to that summer in full swing, and there are lots of distractions vying for my clients’ attention.  

That is why it is critical I break through the clutter and capture my clients’ attention in every step of the process, but especially in the final report. Below are some of my favorite tips to make your report concise and memorable:  

  • Tell the right story. The starting point for your report should always be “What am I trying to say?” This sounds simple, but if you don’t know what your intention is, how is your audience going to take action as a result? You need to make sure your reader understands the insights, will remember the information through the story you tell, and will implement action because of it.  
  • Present the story in an intriguing way. Consider ways to make the story visually compelling. For many people it is easier to extract information from an infographic, image, or watching a video.  
  • The executive summary needs to inform and capture the attention of the reader. Have you ever seen a movie preview and instantly judged the movie as boring based off this short excerpt? The same thing happens with clients and your reports. They can instantly tell if you hit the mark or if the report is going to be boring. Succinctly presenting your main idea up front will instantly instill confidence that you have a grasp of their business problem and their data. 

As clients learn to do more with less time, just remember: To be successful in supporting them, you need to capture attention and present information in a digestible way. Want to know more? Reach out to me at