Aspen Finn Launches as Strategy and Insights Agency

Consultancy uses cognitive psychology to deliver strategic insights

Introducing Aspen Finn, a strategic insights consultancy grounded in cognitive psychology. With its roots in 20|20 Research, Aspen Finn will pursue its purpose of delivering authentic and compelling consumer stories to help their clients grow. 

Led by industry veteran Julia Eisenberg, the agency is founded on the premise that to know what consumers think, you must first understand how they think. Drawing upon elements of perception, identity and experience theory, Aspen Finn’s frameworks help brands explore consumer behavior, understand the impact of communications, identify opportunities for innovation, and examine brand perception. 

Commenting on the launch, Eisenberg said, “We have been building trusted insights solutions over the last decade. Carving out a stand-alone agency marks a new chapter, with an exciting brand dedicated to exceptional insights services. Aspen Finn evolved from a passion for understanding how human nature influences business. Many of our clients work in industries poised to change, persuade, include and grow in transformative ways, and the launch of Aspen Finn gives this important work maximum focus and a smart, modern home.” 

Bringing a wealth of research experience on the client side with Gap and Crocs, as well as on the supplier side with QualVu, iModerate and 20|20 Research, Eisenberg has assembled a diverse team of more than 30 strategists, analysts and research management experts. The agency serves brands around the globe at every stage of their growth from its offices in Nashville, Denver, and Chicago. 

“We feel fortunate to be able to use the best of 20|20 to help us accomplish our work and draw upon the strength of that organization, while also establishing Aspen Finn as a strategic partner to help our clients make bold decisions with confidence,” said Eisenberg.